About Us

Once upon a time in the galaxy you live in, Spiritually Geeky was initially a small South African Facebook store straight out of Johannesburg. At first the Facebook page was called Candles, Stones and Incense, headed by the beloved Elly-May, dedicated to selling spiritual products such as candles, stones and incense.

Spiritually Geeky came about when Charlene (Elly’s niece and partner in crime) imported a Han Solo dress that cost an arm and a leg. This led young Charlene on an epic journey, where she would search the Earth for this dress for a cheaper, more affordable price. On her journey she found similar products that nourished her inner geek, jewellery inspired by her favourite movies and series, hair dye that could transform you into the characters you always wanted to be and many other amazing things. These things alone could not reflect who she was however, she needed the candles, the stones and the incense. It was then that herself and Elly decided they had to share these products with South Africa and thus the Facebook pages name was changed to the creatures they had become, the Spiritually Geeky.

About a year after the page had kicked off, it was decided that an online store would be more convenient to our customers and here we are today. We, as fellow geeks and spiritualists, have made it our daily mission to seek out inspired merchandise from movies, comics and series; tried and tested spiritual products and of course the little bit of crazy that comes with being Spiritually Geeky. We have many products in stock, but being a small online store at the moment, quite a few of our products are pre-order items.

Take your time and explore our site. Immerse yourself in the universe of a Spiritual Geek. Become one of us, and you will never look back. Reach your path of enlightenment; nourish your inner geek.