SG Neon Hair Dye Powder – Turquoise


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Please note: Colour in picture may vary to actual colour of the powder.

For best results, if you have dark hair, you should lighten the hair before applying the dye!

The lighter the hair, the more neon the result! The darker the hair, the more matt the result! It won’t colour dark hair the same way and will wash out quicker.

The How to:

#1. Pre-lighten your hair (if you have dark hair).

#2. Make sure that your hair is dry.

#3. Pour out your desired amount of dye into a plastic bowl. Add enough conditioner into the bowl that will cover the desired area (not too much, or you will get a more pastel colour) and mix well. Generally you to get the same colour as the powder you mix with a 1:1 ratio. If you want a darker shade of the colour, higher the ratio of powder dye you mix with the conditioner, for a lighter shade, the opposite. Make sure all of the powder is mixed in with the conditioner.

#4. Split your hair into sections as you normally would when dying your hair. Apply the dye to your hair as you normally would, make sure the hair is well saturated.

#5. Cover your hair with an old towel or a shower cap. Leave it on for minimum and hour and a half. If you can leave it on for longer do it! THE LONGER YOU LEAVE IT ON, THE LONGER THE COLOUR WILL LAST!

#6. Rince the dye out with clear water & vinegar (this helps set the colour) until it runs clear.

Maintaining your colour

* Use a sulfate and peroxide free shampoo and a low salt content conditioner of the same brand.

* Mix a tsp of your remaining dye (if you have any) with a bottle of jojoba oil. Use this as an intense conditioner once a week. Spread it evenly through your hair and leave it on for 15-20mins. This will help keep your colour fresh and shiny without having to constantly buy conditioners or more dye.





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