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Our Story Begins in 2014...

Once upon a time in the galaxy you live in, Spiritually Geeky was a small South African ecommerce store. At first it was merely a Facebook page called Candles, Stones and Incense and was headed by the beloved Elly-May, dedicated to selling spiritual products such as candles, stones and incense. Spiritually Geeky came about when Charlene (Elly’s niece and partner in crime) imported a Han Solo dress that cost an arm and a leg. 

This led young Charlene on an epic journey, where she would search the Earth for this dress for a more affordable price. On her journey she found similar products that nourished her inner geek, jewellery inspired by her favourite movies and series, hair dye that could transform you into the characters you always wanted to be and many other amazing things. These things alone could not reflect who she was however, she still needed the candles, the stones and the incense.

Our first profile photo
Candle, Stones and Incense (1st Facebook Profile Photo)
The First SG Logo

It was then that herself and Elly decided they had to share these products with South Africa and thus the Facebook pages name was changed to the creatures they had become, the Spiritually Geeky. Eventually, Spiritually Geeky became Charlene’s “child” and about a year after the page had kicked off, it was decided that an online store would be more convenient to our customers.  We have always and will always strive to find amazing products to bring to our customers. 

In 2017 we decided to attend the Medieval Fayre, which was epic! Just a bit before that, we decided to change up our logo a bit and kept the same design for quite some time. We also attended one of the Bedfordview Night Markets and had a blast! The food at these events are always so devine, it’s a wonder we walk and not roll out of the events!

Then BAM! 2018 came and Comic Con Africa came to our beloved country and we simply had to be there! Yes, we took Spiritually Geeky to Comic Con and boy was it an experience of a lifetime! For those of us who haven’t been to any of the international conventions, CCA was an absolute dream come true!

We met so many awesome people there and we learnt so much, either from panic (yes this was a thing that was happening on the inside) or simply chatting to people that came to support us or stop by for a chat! We were so busy at our exhibit the whole time and ended up hardly seeing any of the event ourselves. 

After that we have been running the store as per usual. We changed up a few things, but it has been the same old thing. Until now…


SG Logo 2017 - 2020

Where to from here?

As you can tell, we have evolved again (we’re Pokémon that need to evolve guys). For far too long Spiritually Geeky has been doing the same old thing and we plan on changing that. I, Charlene, started Spiritually Geeky when I was 19 (turning 20) and we have grown a lot since then. We decided as a team with the SG Community’s input, that Spiritually Geeky needed to evolve into a better creature. A creature that will better cater for more of your needs as spiritual geeks.

We will be selling South African brands besides the Spiritually Geeky brand that we absolutely LOVE and think you will too! This is not the only adventure we plan to embark on. We have big plans and with that comes a new look and feel of the online store (which, if you’ve shopped with us before you will notice immediately). 

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us and we hope that you will forever be a fellow Spiritual Geek!

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