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The Geekubator, A History.

Yes, this is our very first blog post *insert celebration and party popper noises* and yes it is a historical one, pertaining to Spiritually Geeky’s history that is.

Many of you might have seen on our social media pages of late that we are hoping to relaunch the infamous Geekubator. If you’re a veteran Spiritual Geek you will know what the Geekubator is and might have even purchased one, yet you may not know it’s origins (yes there is an origin story, sort of). If you’re a noobie Spiritual Geek, you won’t know what the hell is going on or what this mysterious and weirdly-named thing is, that’s alright, this post is for everyone to get to know it better or at least have a bit of a throwback moment. Grab yourself a cup of whatever you desire, find a comfy place to sit and prepare yourself to travel back in time with me.

The Geekubator Origins

Back in 2016 not that long after Spiritually Geeky first started, we had an idea to create a new product. We noticed that many of our customers would buy a few items from one or two fandoms at a time and we wondered if we put together a box of items of the same fandom or theme if people would be interested in it. Of course we are quite strange creatures and decided that some, if not all, of these items must be mysterious and kept a secret and that you’d only really know what was in your box when you opened it. Once we had decided that it was “a go”, we started our mission to figure out a name for our mystery box. We wanted the name to encapsulate our vision of what this box was to us and what we’d hope it would be to our fellow Spiritual Geeks.

What was our vision you ask, to land up with such a name? A small human in an incubator in need of spiritual and or geeky nourishment. The said incubator contained items that would make one feel happy, possibly safe (yes some of us feel safe when around fandom merch, especially if it’s a wand and we can attempt a “Lumos Maxima” charm in dark places) and have their inner geek nourished. Once spending some time rummaging around in the box and being around the items, having them, holding them, the person would feel better. It’s a strange image I know, but anyway. Thus, the Geekubator was born from the box being a sort of incubator with things you would “geek out” on. To add to the weird name, we decided to add an equally weird and cheesy slogan: “Something is geeking inside your box. You won’t know what until you open the locks.” To be honest, we didn’t know what we were thinking with that one and there was only one lock to be opened. *cue palm-to-forehead slapping motion*

The first idea of the Geekubator “design”.


The First Geekubator

The very first Geekubator was, as you can expect, a Harry Potter inspired box. For our first try at the box we decided to only have one mystery item which was a handmade Hogwarts acceptance letter made with love and care. We had printed out personalised acceptance letters along with stationery lists and sat making these look slightly aged without damaging the paper and writing. This was done to the envelopes as well of course, unfortunately not the more square type envelopes, but I mean, it’s the idea that counts. My favourite part about this mystery item was sealing each and every letter with a Hogwarts inspired wax seal with a stamp. These were not pre-made wax seals just to be stuck on with some glue though, oh no! We went all out authentic-wax-stamp-sealing-Muggle and melted  a bit of wax, in a wax melting spoon over a candle, poured it partly on the closing flap and the back of the envelope itself and pressed the stamp down until the envelope was sealed and the wax hard enough to remove the stamp without messing up the seal. Did I mention we did this for each and every single letter? (Random bride or party planning tip, if you’re ever extremely stressed whilst planning your big day make sure you decide on wax sealed invitations and seal your invitations yourself with a wax seal stamp! There’s just something about it that is calming.)

Also in the box was a sorting hat necklace, a scarf of your chosen Hogwarts house, a handmade tie bookmark in your house colours and a printed mug of which you would get to choose one of three designs. All of these items were then put in a box that’s lid had the word “Geekubator” stencilled on it in black permanent marker (we should have had stickers, we know). We then took string and wrapped it around the box, as they did in times before tape was a thing, until we were left with the two ends of the string that we then tied into loops at the top of the box. We would pull these closely together, get the lock (yes we had actual mini locks) and “thread” the open side through these loops and lock it. Once that was done, the keys to the lock were enclosed under one of our Spiritually Geeky stickers and the parcel was packed. Now that I think back, we could have done a whole lot better presentation and items wise, but at that time it was something I was very proud of and still am. A lot of work went into just putting it together and the most beautiful flower had to start at as a not so appealing seed before it could grow into it’s majestic pretty flower-self, right?

The Harry Potter Geekubator.


Following Geekubators

Since the first Geekubator there have only been three others to date. The second was the Pokémon Geekubator when Pokémon GO was the latest mobile game to play. These boxes contained a Poké Ball (the red and white one we all know and love), a Pokémon GO team cap, a Pokémon inspired mug and two mystery items. These mystery items were a random little Pokémon toy that would come in the ball and a keyring of your chosen team. This box was awesome and allowed myself and others to go back to watching this awesome anime that made us all want to be the very best that no one ever was! Admit it, you started singing the song with as much passion as you did in your childhood, didn’t you?

The Pokémon Geekubator.


Next up came The Nightmare Before Christmas Geekubator. I’m pretty sure that most people adore this Tim Burton movie as much as I do! This was the first Geekubator that included a printed t-shirt and it was my very first time designing something that was to go to print. Yes awesome peole, that Jack face was done, from scratch, by yours truly! And redone and adjusted countless times until I was relatively happy with the end result. Besides the shirts, these contained a pair of socks, a pair of Jack Skellington earrings (which we now keep a few in stock because they are adorable) or a Jack wristband and mystery items, being a Jack plushie keyring and mini bobblehead of one of the NBC characters.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Geekubator.


Our third and last box so far has been the Unicorn Geekubator. This specific box contained four mystery items, all that we gave away was that it would contain a t-shirt with a Unicorn themed design. To be completely transparent and “real” with you, we thought this Geekubator would be a hit. We had planned on a multicoloured bath bomb, a themed hair bow and one more themed item to go along with the shirt. We think that people didn’t like the idea of not knowing what they were paying for at all and it ended up not being a hit at all. With all the scams going on these days, no one could be blamed for not wanting to buy something they couldn’t guarantee that would enjoy 100%. It was decided that we needed a break from the Geekubators to give us time to think on ways to improve them before we had a go at it again.

The Unicorn Geekubator.


Future Geekubators

I believe that the time has come for the Geekubators to make a comeback! There is a master plan in play of a new and improved Geekubator. The first “new” box should be ready for pre-order in December 2019 for delivery in January/February 2020. I thought I’d use this opportunity to give you an idea of some of the changes that we hope you’ll enjoy, because why not, if you’ve read this much you’ll want to at least know that much from me!

We’ll be getting rid of the cheesy slogan and replacing it with a shorter one that makes more sense (I hope). I really loved the idea of the lock that “needed” to be opened to get your goodies because it reminded me of unlocking chests in quests whilst gaming, but we will be replacing the locks with something more practical. We were in constant panic stations about the keys under the sticker somehow getting lost and the box would lose that part of the experience. It never happened luckily, but it was slightly stressful every time we dropped off a parcel with the couriers. Don’t worry though, the new experience will be something we hope you think is just as cool.

Theme wise, we’ll be involving the Spiritually Geeky community more. At the moment we’re running a poll on our Facebook page on a Moon vs Pizza theme! If you’d like to take part in the poll don’t forget to check out the page! These polls will be the one new Geekubator “thing” where our followers will get to decide what the next theme will be, obviously the theme with the most votes will win. We feel that it is very important to get everyone involved in this part because at the end of the day it is you who we are providing a service to in a way and we like the idea of putting it to a vote. It makes us feel like we’re all part of some exotic tribe!

We’re still unsure of the amount of Geekubators we will have per year and how frequently we will have them, but that will all depend on their popularity. If they become more popular we will have them up for pre-order more frequently. We are also hoping to sort out the issue of the items taking forever to reach South Africa and are currently busy on resolving this issue so that we can bring in items must faster. If we are indeed able to do so, we will also be able to bring in our general stock faster as well.

Hopefully it will again be the time of the Geekubator in the near future. Not only are they absolutely fun to put together, but we also love knowing that we’ve put something together that can be exciting to receive.


What do you think about the Geekubators past and the idea of them being brought back? Would you like us to give you more random reading material? Let us know!


  1. Love the idea!! Price range?

    1. We’re hoping to keep it to R600 and less including courier fees 🙂 But pricing will be announced soon.

  2. Love this idea.!! Especially if you, one day, possibly, soon 😉 decide on a supernatural themed box. 😁

    1. We’ll LOVE to have a Supernatural themed box if enough people are interested in one.

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