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To Take Another Step – A Community Written Story

It seems that eons have passed since we started the “Adventure Story Giveaway” that we had going on our Facebook page. If you have no idea what the hell we’re going on about, find it here. Not too many people participated, unfortunately, but we understand that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. To those of you that did contribute, well guys, we are blown away by your creativity and your bravery! A huge congratulations to our winner Nicole. We hope that you can put your voucher to good use in the store!

We don’t want to make this post a whole long story before the story this post is intended for actually begins. Without further ado, please enjoy what some of the Spiritually Geeky community has to offer!

The sun was almost set and it would start to become dark any minute now. The way that the last light of the day was pouring through the forest was simply breathtaking. She let her eyes scan this marvellous sight as she walked on; taking it all in, she knew in her heart that she had done the right thing in leaving her village to take on this task bestowed upon her. For a moment, she stopped right in her tracks and contemplated whether she was making the right decision, but she knew she had to keep moving. Kara knew deep down in her soul that leaving the village was the best thing she could’ve done for herself. Kara has always been treated differently as if everyone surrounding her knew something that she doesn’t, maybe it’s just her imagination but she felt suffocated as if every person in her village is watching her every move, waiting for something to happen.

In this moment there was a distinct sound of a branch being snapped in half by the weight of a heavy footstep. Kara held her breath and with wide eyes, she scanned the forest, but she saw nothing. She looked down at the garnet ring her mother had given her as a parting gift that she now wore on her index finger, and in this moment, the ring seemed to sparkle; mesmerising. Now maybe it was because she had grown up reading fantasy books her whole life, but she was quite sure that there was something more to her ring sparkling at that precise moment. She started looking around for some other sort of sign that magic was afoot. She then noticed that there was a fork in the path, that had not been there before and which lead off into what appeared to be a forest. She took this as a suitable sign and set off down the path. Kara felt the cool caress of air on her cheek as a robin swooped past. She smiled a robin is a sign of good luck. She continued to follow the new path. The sounds of the forest began to fade and mist began to pool around her ankles. Kara began to feel she was no longer alone. She sensed a presence nearby, not ominous, but powerful. As she walked, slightly haltingly now as her heartbeat began thundering, she thought she heard a whisper on the air. She looked around, squinting through the fog but could hardly make out the shapes of the trees around her in the settling darkness. She continued on when suddenly the path came to an abrupt end with a huge tree towering above her.

It was beautiful. Even as the darkness started painting the scene, the tree remained spotless in all its glory. For just a brief moment she focused on nothing else, except the masterpiece staring right back at her. The whispering became more clearer. Calling her closer. Destiny was at play and before she could help herself, her palm was resting against the damp stem bark of the tree. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and reconnected with herself. For just a moment she allowed herself to forget all that she left behind. Memories started to dance down her cheeks – as the ocean filled her eyes. “You are not alone…” She reminded herself. Kara trudged on slowly but surely as the night got darker the shadows seemed to move with a life of their own. The wind had become icy and cold, the sudden change in the atmosphere made her heart race as she began to feel the first strings of panic and fear pulling at her heart. She took a deep breath and told herself to stop being silly. She was safe. Even in the darkness, the shiny fork caught her attention seeming to call to her to lure her away from the path. However, everyone knew that if you left the path given for your task there was a chance of no return. Many people had tried to embark on this journey before Kara had, and they had never returned or been heard of again. Her heart was now a bird trying to escape a cage. Something was out there! Watching her… she could feel the chill up her spine as she walked in the woods. She walked faster feeling a bit silly as she did so. It was then that she heard another twig snapping..and another and another. She looked back.

There it was. Staring right back at her, was the shadow that crept in the dark corners of the forest. Lurking beside the paths and creating some sort of anxious suffocation to whoever dared to walk through these tree-lines. Kara took in a breath and then she took a step toward the shadow – something no one else ever dared to do. Her body started to rattle in fear but she had to know what was following her…she needed to see it’s face and know it by name. For every fear had a name.The closer she got, the more she could feel the fear wrapping around her body – tightening and suffocating her slowly. She was determined to know, for what can a mere shadow do to her. Her steps started to slow down and she was now fighting to just keep walking. So much resistance, but she needed to know. She needed to stand face to face with the treasure this darkness was keeping safe. Unable to take another step forward as the darkness started to close in and the shadow was only a few feet away, Kara closed her eyes and whispered calmly but with a fury of a rising storm.

“I will not stand by in the presence of evil, nor fear…”

Within a second she could feel lightning course through her veins and within a second she was face to face with the hooded shadow…But oh, what was hiding beneath that scary hood was nothing compared to the fire burning inside who she was. She stood and stared as she silently told herself to calm down. It took everything she was to stay standing right there. She could feel her hands trembling and could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears but she stayed still. It took a couple of tries but finally, she forced herself to speak. “My name is Kara” was all she could manage but it was enough. The hooded figure seemed to shift slightly and opened its mouth too. This startled Kara slightly as before she hadn’t realised there was a mouth in the expressionless, colourless face. But there was, and now that she realised this, more features seemed to be forming before her very eyes. “We know” was all it said, in an expressionless voice. She wasn’t sure why, but somehow this seemed to calm Kara. She felt as though if he were there to harm her, he already would have done so. She decided to carry on, not at all surprised by the fact that the shadow carried on following her. She was still trembling and her blood still felt like ice in her veins but somehow she felt better than before. She felt reassured for a reason she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She continued walking through the forest for hours when she saw the first few rays of sunshine through the trees. “Yes”, she thought. “I’ve done it, I made it through the night”. She looked around and realised the shadow wasn’t visible anymore. She still felt its eyes on her but couldn’t see it anywhere, but it had allowed her to make it through the night, which made her feel better than anything else had so far. She carried on, walking a little faster now and feeling lighter with each step. She felt more hopeful now than any time since she’d started her journey. She knew now she was going to make it.

At last, she was free of the forest and she found herself in a beautiful path that ran alongside a bubbling brook. As she followed the path the brook widened to a river and there just around a bend in the river she got her first glimpse of a magnificent castle on a hill. She felt lighter and felt suddenly confident that her fate was awaiting her at the castle. Her footsteps became lighter and soon she was running free, enjoying the morning air on her skin. Excited to know where her journey would end and who was awaiting her ahead at the castle. As the sun rose higher in the sky, she got closer and closer to the castle. She couldn’t believe how close she was, this was it. She finally came to the tall fence surrounding the castle and for a moment she just stood there, taking in its beauty. She could see the incredible gardens full of bright flowers and high hedges. She made her way to the huge entrance and prepared herself for the final step of her journey.

The story may one day continue, but for now, it is the end.


Our amazing contributing writers:

Charlene Van der Merwe (Spiritually Geeky)

Nicole Hartelmuller 

Lee Mnqayi

Tiff Wagner Marks 

Emma Beckett 

Fran Charlie Viet

Zandrea Dekock

Devika Jawahir


Would you like to see more posts like these? Let us know in the comments!

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